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Through The Eyes
The eyes to the soul capture boundless synergy
With gentle life exploring the history of the face
Piercing like daggers and contacting my skin
Pulse racing through my veins breathing heavy, heavy, heavy...
The flick of the darkness seems to stab me again
But staring at this creature brings me truth
For I can now see what I could not
There is life in this one and we share this with them
I am now looking through the same eyes
I have been captured and I do not want to be free
I can see clearly what life holds
And as my breathing gets
:iconnovran:novran 0 0
Daily Trip
On my daily trip,
Through rivers and mountains,
I feel this heavy drip,
Flow through like a fountain.
This heavy dose,
Of the travel bug,
Takes over like a host,
So cozy and snug.
Everyday it's the same,
A journey to go,
Along the mountain plains,
Where crops aplenty sow.
The metallic grooves,
Of this robust machine,
Continually moves,
Destination of green.
As it slows down to stop,
I take in a deep breath,
As I say farewell,
To this long trip.
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Click, Click
In the darkest hour of my life,
Click, Click
This flashlight lights the strife.
Whenever I cannot see,
There is a golden ominous glow,
Which guides me through the night,
To find my way home.
This object is a lifesaver,
One that makes me once blind but now I can see,
I can now feel my way,
Through to my savior again.
Flash of light,
Flashlight is this,
Light goes flash,
I click on my flashlight.
:iconnovran:novran 1 1
As you look out at the great beyond,
A dash of sparkle gathers in your eye,
This feeling of utter joyous song,
The ultimate dream shouts a cry.
Where do we go from here,
Do we choose the right path?
Or do we follow something that breaks our heart?
So many questions,
So many choices.
Our destination is unknown,
But we are guided to a fork in the road,
I must decide now,
There is no looking back.
Where do we go from here....
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The Light
He has sent us,
To be his peace,
Speak to those,
Who have gone,
Into darkness.
We shall prevail,
He shall prevail,
And all shall know,
Who is righteous?
The light.
The temptation,
Is there for all,
To grasp and take,
But those who hold,
Shall be kind.
The Light is open,
For those to seek,
Accept the light,
And learn,
Grow more.
Don't you understand?
He has provided,
A faith that is,
Unwilling to die,
For nothing.
Evil will be,
Overturned by us,
The light shall,
Shine through you,
Listen everywhere you go,
Spread the light,
To others around,
And continue to learn,
The light is whole.
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I want to reach up,
To him standing up there,
He is my strength,
My life,
My Hero.
I will run,
To the best I can,
To catch him,
Smiles with glee,
Overwhelm me.
I jump up high,
Lifting my chin with joy,
He is waiting for me,
I will join him one day,
In a place called Heaven.
As I start to rise,
My tears start to fall,
Every drop a goodbye,
To the friends I leave,
To my family.
He is the Hero,
I look up to,
He is in me,
He is who I am,
He is almighty.
My friends shed their tears,
I am gone now,
To my Hero up high,
He is there waiting,
With a shoulder to cry on.
The world of wonder,
He has created for us all,
He loves us so,
For eternity,
He is my Hero.
:iconnovran:novran 0 2
Risen above,
A world of peace,
Love of us all,
To him it shall seek.
Those tears of a fall,
We carry on through the night,
Never again to see,
The one who love spends.
Tired and hungry,
Weeping in silence,
An official send off,
He will receive.
:iconnovran:novran 3 4
A crowding of beacons,
Surrounding the beast,
Of a star-lit gaze,
We shall feast.
Collapse of the mind,
Control overthrown,
Laughter a matter,
One outgrown.
The sirens and yells,
Scream in my head,
This beast a cryin',
Dying instead.
A feast shall stop,
To help this thing,
"Please get better,"
We shall sing.
Harmonious we cry,
To the wailing dead,
Beast come alive,
Rest your little head.
:iconnovran:novran 1 5
The Flame
It rests upon a,
Glistening stem of hope.
It flickers with,
Pure passion of grace.
It's shape bends and forms,
Earth's latest bounds.
Stretching to the highest highs,
Pointing down to the lowest valley.
Cascading in light, dancing around,
Left - right - left again.
A silence occurs,
Where the flame sits,
What a wonder,
A flame can have.
:iconnovran:novran 1 6
Sprinkles Of Rain
Drips of water,
Sprinkle upon my face,
In the noise of the rain,
I dance, twirling.
My flight full,
I can smile with joy,
I feel soft and tender,
Hands lift to rejoice.
I don't tremble at all,
The sight is a beauty,
One can enjoy.
:iconnovran:novran 2 6
Little Man
Just sit there,
Little Man,
With your call,
So full of sadness.
Don't run away,
Little Man,
I am your friend,
I love you.
Just hold me,
Little Man,
Feel the warmth,
Of love holding.
I stop now,
Little Man,
You don't want me,
So I shall leave.
Little Man,
You have grown up,
My love for you continues,
Until I hear the call.
:iconnovran:novran 1 11
Don't Cry
Verse One
I sit here waiting,
A million days all long,
Waiting for the day,
When you come along,
Just thinking about,
How we can be,
Together forever,
Until eternity.
Don't cry,
Don't sleep,
Just feel my heart beat,
I will love you forever,
Lets heal the wounds,
Don't cry,
Don't flee,
I will guide the way,
Just know that,
I am your friend.
Verse Two
Under my big umbrella,
We can smile with glee,
'Cause you know,
That life with only get better,
I will cry with you too,
But only if you need me,
As we are both one,
Our lives intertwined.
It's time to face the truth,
Let the tears of justice fall,
Let your enemies,
(Repeat bridge twice)
(Repeat twice)
:iconnovran:novran 1 9
Climber's Life
The terrain is mighty,
And strong all the way,
Where climbers shall see,
Earth's cradle a-sway.
A foot at a time,
Hard-work to the end,
An adventure to follow,
Around every bend.
It can be exciting,
To brush the rocky grips,
But to fall crumbling down,
Gives no chance for a sip.
Excitement can enthral you,
But this job is a fight,
You get to the top,
By following star's light.
A roar of completion,
Is a climber's way,
Dirty and filthy,
Oh what a day!
:iconnovran:novran 1 5
Let Your Heart Sing
Indescribable pauses,
Pass through time,
When I hear how life,
Can be so cruel.
Your life just shined through mine,
(Even though it seemed like I held back),
I always realised your wonderful love,
When you held me in your arms.
I have grown through my heart and soul,
With a strength anew,
Like the roar of a lion collapsing a million mountains,
I have seen the truth.
Never a day spits past,
That I always look up to you,
Your eyes glow with love,
Like lanterns glowing in the dark sky.
I let myself sing now,
Because you have opened my heart,
My eyes are pure,
With the touch of hope.
I can always see a smile,
That never turns down,
Pain you surrender,
Your life falling.
It is now my turn,
I will help you up,
We can lean on each other,
And we can survive.
Both of us cry,
Let our hearts be free,
Your have changed my life,
Forever we can sing.
:iconnovran:novran 1 10
Crying All Night Long
I simply deal,
The tendered note away,
Start thinking of memories,
That kept us together.
Oh what a joy,
Our memories had passed,
But those silent memories,
Turned to an awful end.
The beginning was hard,
The deals were burnt,
Our friendship of love,
Just a trumpet playing.
Listening to those songs,
I always remember you,
Tears falling away,
Calling your name.
I can't seem to stop,
But cry I must,
It is the memory of you,
That never falls down.
You're in my heart,
I just keep your smile,
Locked in a special place,
Locked in my heart.
I still hear you,
When I listen hard,
To that song that made me,
Cry all night long.
:iconnovran:novran 3 5
At Night
The feast of a night,
Clouds ringing of fear,
Teeth long and pointy,
Eyes lingering a leer.
At a dark, haunted time,
This beast comes alight,
Slowly to your bedroom,
It scares you with fright.
Nowhere to run,
At this tainted time,
A vampires life you shall lead,
As you can tell by this rhyme.
And "So long", you shall say,
To your previous light,
A vampire you shall be,
A vampire of night.
:iconnovran:novran 2 7
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At :icondizzyclub:s suggestion.I've decide to exposure some RAIN~deviations I recently found in one of my dA searches in a news article.
Well the hot summer days are pretty much back again, but a few days ago it was pouring rain.It rained for about 3 to 4 days and staring for so long out my window at the tinny drops of water made me want to see pretty deviations about Rain..from rain, rainy moods and such.So I found some awsome deviations and decided to share them with everyone else.

the rain ceased by wahwahHello Mr Rain by frixinrain II by accelerateWind by hyro1
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and MY PERSONAL FAVOURITES which simply caught my eye:
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Rain, Rain..Go away
Come again some other day
We wanna go outside and
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These are my favourites. Please visit these deviations as these are many of the items that inspire my life. Please pay respect to the creator of the amazing works of art.


Hello dear friends,

I am back...for now :)

Time has been crazy over the years. Currently been busy with my new course and it's been a very up and down year. So many things have happened that it would take me forever to write down. But for now, the good news is I have decided to come back to deviantART as I need to have some form of artistic expression and release :) I have missed the community and am happy with my decision.

How has everyone been? It has indeed been a lifetime since we have chatted.



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HugQueen Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013   Writer
:love: I hope you've been enjoying your holidays! I'm doing fairly well, keeping busy and today I finally don't feel tired. :giggle:
novran Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I have been swell! Just on holidays so been relaxing :) How about you?
HugQueen Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013   Writer
:heart:! Likewise! How have you been?
novran Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:hug: hehe hope you are well :)
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